1. 12.09.2016

    Is London an Open City?

    Open House Week on Robert Elms Show
    BBC Radio London (94.9FM)
    13 September 2016
    11.35 to 11.55am

    As part of the 2016 Open House Programme, DSDHA Director Deborah Saunt will join Robert Elms on his BBC Show to discuss whether London is effectively an Open City, one fit for the demands of the 21st century and beyond. 

    At the time of the orchestrated decline of state-sponsored interventions, and the encouraged growth of private speculation, how do we ensure that all Londoners benefit, regardless of their wealth or status? And how do we keep our cities safe, without fencing ourselves in? 

    Deborah will give her perspective on these issues explaining how – in line with DSDHA's ethos that “the City is our Client" – all of our projects strive to make a positive contribution to their surroundings. She believes that the architect's role today is to “insert oneself” in a project to actively design within the given constraints, going beyond the brief and the rigid definition of a codified “profession” and in this way maximising impact for all – whether clients, ultimate users or passersby.
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