5 Ways of Standing Up

The collaboration between DSDHA and the internationally acclaimed ceramic artist and writer Edmund de Waal has over the years taken the form of an ongoing conversation, which has developed while working on the two studios for the artist. 

One outcome has been a project entitled ‘5 Ways of Standing Up’, undertaken in 2008, in which five timber and glass pavilions were designed to integrate de Waal’s porcelains artworks into a series of structures recalling a cellar, a clerestory, a foundation, an attic, and a seam. The pavilions were sited to frame views of the surrounding urban or rural vistas. At night, they were envisioned to radiate light as the pale porcelain becomes back-lit. The five structures were designed to be located in five separate locations, initially in the grounds of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, to then tour to other venues, including the courtyard of Somerset House in London, the A Foundation in Liverpool as well as the underground spaces of P3 in Westminster. The models developed for this project were exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Show 
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