Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway Public Realm

The Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway is a key central London destination which provides the predominant arrival point into Mayfair, St James’s and the Royal Parks for tourists, local workers and residents. With many high profile projects being implemented over the coming years, the Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway is experiencing a significant amount of public realm, infrastructure and development activity.

DSDHA and Urban Flow were commissioned by the Heart of London Business Alliance (HOLBA) to develop the concept design for a transformational public realm scheme for the Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway, which includes the length of Piccadilly from Bolton Street to St James’s Street/Albemarle Street, as well as the gateway streets into Mayfair (Berkeley Street, Stratton Street & Mayfair Place) and St James’s (Arlington Street & Bennet Street).

Stakeholder Engagement & Public Realm Vision Framework
Through an in-depth engagement process with HOLBA, the project partners (Berkeley Estate Asset Management, Crosstree Real Estate Partners, The Ritz London and Pontegadea) and wider stakeholders, a Public Realm Vision Framework was developed in order to articulate a shared holistic vision and key aspirations for the Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway.

The Public Realm Vision Framework encapsulates the overall project aims and ambitions; creating a green gateway, within a safe and accessible setting, that compliments the historic character and heritage assets and is befitting of a globally renowned destination.

'Green Gateway'
The Green Park & Piccadilly Gateway scheme reinstates the historic green connection between Berkeley Square and Green Park, connecting people to nature as well as creating safe and convenient access to the wider area. Beyond the gateway, the proposals contribute to existing greening initiatives in the area, such as the proposed Mayfair Green Route and ‘Wild West End’, as well as the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy objectives, specifically Healthy Streets and Vision Zero.

'Globally Renowned Destination'
Piccadilly, sitting on the threshold of the Mayfair Conservation Area and St James Conservation Area, holds a significant historic presence in central London, whilst also contributing to the evolving and contemporary fabric of the urban quarter. The proposals enhance the existing character of the area, employing Piccadilly as the key spine which connects the surrounding cultural destinations from the Royal Academy to Hyde Park Corner.

'Safe & Accessible Setting'
As travel and tourism rebound from the Covid-19 pandemic, pedestrian congestion and high traffic volumes have caused significant issues in the area. The proposal provides a holistic area-wide public realm approach which achieves a more effective modal balance and improves the currently low-scoring Healthy Streets Assessment for the area, improving user safety and pedestrian accessibility, whilst supporting vehicular movement along Piccadilly as a part of London’s Strategic Road Network (SRN).

Project Partners:
Berkeley Estate Asset Management
Crosstree Real Estate Partners
The Ritz London

Strategic Urban & Landscape Designer: DSDHA 
Transport Consultant: Urban Flow 
Cost Consultant: Wheelers
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