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  1. 24.08.2020

    Sharing knowledge so we can build back better

    Over the past few months, we have been sharing our reflections on the social impact that Covid-19 is having on our lives and cities - and how we can work together with our communities to ensure we return stronger and more caring than before. We have been freely giving our time to work with diverse groups for the public good.     

    Many of the workshops, seminars and talks are now available online.

    In May, Deborah spoke to Peter Murray, Chairman of the NLA, on the insights that social distancing has given us on our urban realm, the research to be done, and how the results might make lasting positive change in our cities. The video is available on the NLA website.

    Later that month, Deborah joined the panel for a City Property Association webinar to discuss Greening the City, looking at what the City of London may look like in future and how the fabric of the City could be transformed in response to climate change and public health concerns. The video is available on the CPA website.  

    We also discussed "Transforming streets and spaces: safe, pleasant and practical schemes" as part of the Green Transport Recovery's webinar series, promoting active travel and sustainable modes to help us all through the recovery after the pandemic. The video is available on the organisation's YouTube channel.  

    Throughout May and June, we joined the series of events run by Urban Design London entitled 'Managing Streets During Lockdown', not only assessing short-term measures but also finding solutions for lasting positive change to make our streets safer, more welcoming and more resilient. Building on our work Sharing the Beautiful Everyday Journey, we looked at the location, extent and design of new cycling infrastructure to help prevent a car-dominated recovery. These videos are available on the UDL website: Managing Streets during Lockdown: Design Options and Managing Streets during Lockdown: New Space for Cycling.    

    This led to Mike O'Hanlon and Seyi Adewole delivering a workshop for the Urban Design Summer School on some of the techniques that we use in our research-led approach, spanning both virtual and physical approaches to mapping local neighbourhoods. Armed with these new tools, students were encouraged to research their respective communities, to understand what is going on and begin to see what changes might be needed. This video is available here

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